Andrew Olendzki, PhD

Andrew OlendzkiBarre Center for Buddhist Studies, Barre, MA, USA


ANDREW OLENDZKI, PH.D. is the executive director of the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies ( in Massachusetts, USA, and is editor of the Insight Journal. Having studied at Lancaster University in England, the University of Sri Lanka at Perediniya, and at Harvard University, he has taught at numerous New England colleges, including Harvard and Brandeis. He served as the executive director of the Insight Meditation Society for several years, is a member of the Insitute of Meditation and Psychotherapy, and has published various chapters and articles on mindfulness and Buddhist psychology. He has a particular interest in the integration of academic study and meditation practice, and in the application of Buddhist teachings to the challenges of the modern world.


A New Psychology for a New Era

I would talk about the roots of mindfulness in the contemplative practices of ancient India, and why both the theory and practice of mindfulness is so important to our post-modern understanding of consciousness and healing. My basic theme would be the significance of regarding mind as a process rather than as a product, and the opportunities made available to therapeutic transformation by the more open Buddhist conception of the self. Finally, I would want to stress the intrinsic relationship in Buddhist thought and practice between psychological health and ethics.