Dennis Morbin, MEd

Denis MorbinUniversity of Northern Virginia, Prague, Czech Republic.

As a learning facilitator and university lecturer, Dennis develops managerial trainings and change paths for personal, managerial and institutional growth. He is a founding member of CFAN (Change Facilitation Associates Network) – a new global professional network of change consultants, coaches and trainers founded on the three pillars of earning, learning and serving the greater community'. Recently elected to the Board of Association, he is responsible for areas concerning diversity and social responsibility. Through his Living Awareness program, he provides reflective opportunities for personal integration and for a more conscious understanding of one's self and one's world.

A New Mindset - Seeing Change as an Ally

We have a mind that usually leans toward staying with the familiar, with the true and tried. As we get older this pattern of remaining within our comfort zone becomes even more entrenched. Why is this so? Is this the real state of our human condition? In this lecture, we will explore how we might move out of the shadows of the old and stuffy and take on a more inquisitive if not joyful attitude that embraces the new. We need not so much a new mindset but a fresh mindset – one that is ready to venture out with inquisitiveness accompanied by the old but not burdened or limited by it.

Living Awareness Are we living our lives with awareness?

Are we taking in the smell as we peel an orange? When we are listening to someone – do we really pay attention? Can we notice the wrinkles of tension or really hear what's behind the tender laughter? Can we really let our minds settle - beyond distracting and wandering thoughts - to a place that is calm, spacious and clear? In this workshop, we will do practices for synchronizing body, speech and mind through mindful movements called 'Kum Nye', classical sitting and walking meditation and voice exercises – all of which lead us to that place of stillness, greater awareness and being at peace with oneself and the world.