Tanna Jakubowicz-Mount, MA

Tanna Jakubowicz MountPresident of Polish Transpersonal Forum, Warsaw, Poland

TANNA JAKUBOWICZ-MOUNT, MA is a psychologist and a psychotherapist. She is a graduate of Warsaw University, Psychology Department (M.A. Clinical Psychology, 1970).

Postgraduate courses:

1976-1977 USA training programme in Gestalt therapy, Reichian and Neoreichian therapy, Psychosynthesis, Bioenergetics/

1987 Gestalt Therapy Certificate given by GTILA,

1980-1995 several courses led by American and western psychotherapists in: Biosynthesis, Radix Therapy, Voice Dialogue, Transpersonal Therapy, Shamanic practices.

Professional experience:

1970-1976 Organising and leading new therapeutic centers e.g. OTIRO - The Center of Therapy and Personal Development, individual and group therapy, art therapy.

1981-1982 USA - conducting several workshops for local communities, school teams, abused women.

1982-1992 Laboratory of Psychoeducation, Warsaw, Poland - advanced group therapy.

1993-2000  Founder and President of the Polish Transpersonal Association and Holistic Training Centre for University Students together with practicing psychologists with the focus on the theory and practice of transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy.

1995-1999 Vice President of EUROTAS.

1997 - Organising 4th European Transpersonal Conference in Poland- Warsaw. Contributing to EAST-WEST Exchange of Therapist Programme.

Plenary presenter in European Transpersonal Conferences: Warsaw (1997), Assisi (2000), Lisabon (2001), Luxemburg (2002), Moscow (2005) and France (2006), Freiburg (2007), New Delhi (2008) and Barcelona (2008).

2000-2008 leading Polish Transpersonal Forum which purpose is to: prepare the ground for the reunion of man with himself, with other people and the Whole of Creation. Leading therapeutic and educational workshops based on her own approach called “therapy and growth through initiation”. Practicing buddhism and shamanism.

From Homo Separatus to Homo Holos - The One Who Embraces the Universe with Tender Consciousness

We need to establish direct connection between our spiritual practice and service for people. I believe it is a time to enhance the evolution from Homo Separatus to Homo Holos - reflecting the wholeness of life. My deepest concern is that so many people remain deceived and disconnected, spiritually homeless and hungry. Homo Separatus is suffering from deep loneliness, fear, despair, scarcity, greed, aggression and violence. We need to focus on meeting people’s needs for connection, community, compassion, selfless love, trust and meaning. To introduce spiritual experiences for uprooting the illusion of separation and reconnecting with our true, universal nature, gaining a sense of belonging, abundance and freedom. Just imagine what the world would be like when most people feel at home here.