Authentic Leadership & Conscious Management

This course is about how we can cultivate and activate more of our human capabilities, which in the end, determine how well we lead or whether any significant change ever gets implemented. We will engage in a deeper understanding of what it means to develop an organization as a more conscious human community.

Module 1

In a time of rapid change, many things are important. One of the most important things is that each of us has to know ourselves. These are times that demand our full, authentic presence and participation. This course will begin by spending time in that territory with an exploration of self and the mental models we carry with us thus bringing ourselves more into the field of greater awareness and precision.

Module 2

Communication is critical to how we interact with others, how we lead and form relationships. Here we will practice the skills of effective and authentic communication which establishes presence and engages the listener.

Module 3

Another thing that is critical these days is working effectively in teams. You will spend time as a team member and as a team leader employing practical and timely case studies.

Module 4

Finally, we will learn how to best handle and manage change at both the personal and organizational levels.

Key Concepts
As a result of this course, you should have a better understanding of:

  • - Why it is critical that you, as a manager, show up as your full and authentic self
  • - How teams work and their possibilities and limitations in the workplace
  • - The broad range of issues which you confront as a manager
  • - Managing and dealing with personal and organizational change


Completion of this course should lead to:

  • • A better ability to bring your whole self to your workplace
  • • A capacity to engage with different personality types in the workplace
  • • A set of communication skills that enhances confidence and more effective execution
  • • The knowledge of how to work effectively within a team
  • • The ability to form and lead a team
  • • The skills needed to function effectively in any managerial position
  • • A mindset which sees change as an ally