Contemplative Healing

Our basic questions are how to be helpful and what can be relied on in the healing process. Applicable answers need to be very individual and situation specific. They are best learned in a combined personal and group process which lets you directly perceive and communicate in genuine life situations. Working with the fundamental strategies of healing process means to investigate intrinsic healthiness, wholeness, awareness and inner struggle, especially with the ability to experience fear and sadness as allies. Direct observation of how our own body and mind reacts/interacts is key for reworking dysfunctional habits. Particularly attention is given to our deeper level physical and instinctive patterns.

This approach is rooted in a joining of authentic Buddhist mindfulness application, current somatic psychology and working with the cognitive, sensory, emotional and physical challenges in the professional medical environment. The present experience includes 15 years of private family practice clinic and courses taught at Naropa University. For the past 5 years a training program has been offered in Germany and USA to the entire range of healing professionals, caregivers and chronically ill. Employing mind, body and group exercises encourages awareness of perception, of body and feelings in order to arouse natural inquisitive mind and empathy. This entails seven topic focused, extended weekends over the period of a year, plus post-graduate events and an advanced level course. Good results have been seen with anxiety and depression, with improving interactive skills, resolving burn-out and regaining precision and heart in one's work situation.